Never Forget

Gnarly branches of the tree outside,
Heated air of Hong Kong.
Available arcade booths at Chuck E. Cheese,
Never-ending sunshine of California.
Broken Lego sculptures littered all over the basement,
Affability of our cousin’s Border Collie, Jack.
To cannonball into Yosemite’s ice-cold swimming pool,
Arriving at Pinnacle Plaza.
Agitated shivers when my mom comes back from parent-teacher day,
Aegislash facing off my friend’s Braixen.
At what moments do you feel most at home?

I was born in the USA,
Both parents are from Hong Kong,
Lived in Beijing for 7 years.
When people ask,
Where are you from?
I have to think a while.
My soul is like three arrows,
Which come from the same tree.
Shot off to three different places,
And all three are where I feel like I should be.
I have great memories of all these places,
And I will Never Forget.

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