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I’d start out with a bit of a weaker attack, just to toy with them a little. Maybe something along the lines of a Tier 7 spell. “O High Powers, grant me your strength. Drag the darkness of the boundless abyss from the heavens down to me, and unleash a deluge of shadows onto my enemies. Come forth, Tidal Oblivion!”

At my words, a flood of translucent blackness rolled out from behind the hill, covering the landscape and washing over a corner of the army. As the wave of dark faded away, there was a moment of tension, or maybe anticipation. Either way, a moment later, the entire section of the army fell to the ground unmoving.

To me, there’s always that one special second of a battle which makes fighting regular humans so amusing. That instant where the enemy first begins to comprehend just how large the difference in power is, where reality finally begins to set in for them. It’s when a person acknowledges just how insurmountable the gap in strength is between the two parties, and finally gives in to their most primal instincts, falling deep into the grasps of despair.

A frenzied cacophony of screams rang out, and soldiers started clambering over one another, just to get away from me. At this, a chuckle started to leak out of my mouth, which morphed into a booming laugh that echoed across the hills. The man in charge just stared at me, as if his body had been paralyzed. How quickly his expression had changed only made me laugh harder.

“Those were nine – no, ten thousand healthy soldiers.” The words that exited his mouth were nothing more than mere whispers. “What the hell did you just do?”

“Don’t you worry about your mage friends, shorty. I didn’t kill them or anything; they’re just unconscious,” I said, giving him another wide grin. “When they’re going to wake up, though, is another question.”

The man backed away slowly, his face falling slack. “You… what kind of goddamn monster…”

“No, no, don’t say such ridiculous things. ‘Monster’ is such a harsh term, wouldn’t you agree?” I hovered above, my levitating body casting a huge shadow over his terrified body. “Yes… I’d much prefer it if you called me a god instead.”