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The man’s face turned to one of pure terror, before he turned and quickly stumbled off into the rest of his fleeing army. This response was reasonable, I guess. I bet he’d never seen anything that could survive the Royal Infantry’s assault, much less toy around with it.

Even so… I gazed at the scene in front of me and sighed. My original plan was to have a bit of fun messing with the army, then to knock them all out and send them into the middle of a snowy plain buck naked. Right now, though, they were all just running away. No fun in that.

“Volcanic Gate.”

A pillar of reddish-black fire erupted just ahead of where the end of the Royal Infantry stood, and it spread to form an impenetrable ring. The army’s frenetic movements stopped immediately, and the soldiers hopelessly moved to face me as they realized that they couldn’t escape. Even from a distance away, I could see a few men drop to their knees and sob, cradling their heads.

“Come on. Isn’t the Royal Infantry supposed to be the top of the top? The kingdoms’ final weapon?” I sighed again, louder this time so that I could be heard properly. “I mean, this isn’t even a challenge. It’s nothing more than a disappointment.”

The army stood frozen, as if they didn’t know what to do to appease me, what they could do to keep their lives. There was nothing they could possibly do against such a devastating, overwhelming power.

“Tell you what.” I floated down to where the army stood, petrified in place. “Since you’re all being such spoilsports, I’ll let you get a free hit in on me. Alright?”

As no one responded, I decided I had to move things along myself. “Who’s the most powerful magic user you have here?” I paused. “Actually, I’ll be lenient. Who are the five strongest mages you have? I’ll take your attacks, without defending myself at all.”

It would be interesting to see if they could cause me to feel even a little pain.