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Five robed men were forcibly shoved in front of me by their own comrades. Three of them were holding wooden staffs, while the other two were barehanded. They all seemed to be high-leveled magic casters, fully dressed in proper robes and topped off with a head of blue hair.

I looked them over, furrowing my brows. In any other situation, these men seemed to be the kind to look down on people, the kind to abuse their own strength. Well, not much different from what I’m doing right now, but whatever.

They stood in a semicircle facing me, and four of them started raising their arms, no doubt attempting to summon another flashy, destructive attack like Razing Energy. But as they prepared to launch their attack, the one remaining wizard seemed to come up with an idea. Hurriedly explaining to the other four, they looked like they had reached an agreement. This time, they formed a small ring, all of their hands reaching in.

“O High Powers, grant us your strength. Allow us to channel this energy, and command it to do our bidding!”

A collective attack? I raised an eyebrow. If these men truly were the strongest mages in all the five kingdoms, I might have to watch out.

My clothes could even get a little dirty.

Magic runes appeared above the five men, turning clockwise faster and faster. A huge white ball appeared on top, gradually increasing in size. I could see the army behind them look on in awe, the faintest glimmer of hope appearing in their eyes. These were the most powerful mages they had even seen. Besides me, of course.

The men finished their chanting “Come forth!”

I spread my arms out wide and deactivated my automatic Magic Shield, ready to accept any attack they could throw at me.

“Dimensional Warp!”

And then a beam of light burst out from the radiantly glowing sphere, and everything went white.