Andy C. Ng


Andy Ng has published his poems and short stories in a series of writer’s magazines and has just completed his debut novel, which reached the semifinalist stage in the University of New Orleans Publishing Laboratory contest.

What does a high-schooler do when he’s not playing video games? If that said high-schooler happens to be me, then he quite enjoys the hobby of making up imaginary scenarios in his head. I often find myself thinking up fantasy-superpower characters and settings in my imagination, where I can play out elaborate scenes that make me feel like I’m in the midst of an adrenaline-filled battle.

However, whether in the form of sketching or writing, pulling those kinds of ideas out of your head takes effort, especially so when you have to create a story fully contained within itself, without that story spilling out into a saga spanning across thousands of pages. But even so, I still wanted to share at least something with the world outside my mind. That’s why I created my debut novel: The Everyday Occurrences of a Stranded God, a magical fantasy novel.

Writing this book was a pretty huge endeavor that took a lot of time and effort, whether it was during vacations, breaks, or just between homework sessions. The whole project took just over a year and a half in total, so I doubt I’ll write a large series or anything in the foreseeable future.

If we’re just talking about another one or two, though… well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.