He had seen her in the flower shop, and had been captivated. Immediately, his reason for being in the flower shop no longer mattered to him, nor did the vibrant flowers clutched in his hand. All he knew in that moment was that he needed to approach her.

A perfect stranger, with a slightly tilted sunhat and curly locks of brown hair. She was dressed inconspicuously, and yet had such an aura around her than people would still be compelled to look. The soft fragrance of her perfume, paired with her exquisite appearance, turned that aura incredibly sweet. So sweet, actually, that it was almost sickening. Like the dangerous allure surrounding an exotic carnivorous plant, a suffocatingly alluring purple fog. And she had captured yet another stray bug into her trap.

Stepping past the first few lines of plants, the daffodils and the daisies, he reached the final layer of the flower shop, the most alien and opulent of the flowers. She was bent over a pair of blooming lavender flowers, and he remarked in a sense of astonishing synesthesia that she smelled the same color as the flowers. His palms slick with sweat, his heart racing, and his breathing difficult, it was almost as if the toxic aura was having a physical effect on him.

He knew he would never be able to reach her. He wasn’t unattractive, but his everyday appeal could never stand up to the deadly elegance that was her. He knew it, and he knew that she knew it. So he kept quiet, without approaching or making a sound. And then, and as he saw this he felt his heart leap, she turned around and began to walk towards him.

As she came closer and closer, his heart began to race faster and faster. He wasn’t even breathing at this point, and his eyes felt clouded up with an opaque violet. The pressure emanating off of her was too much, and the swirling aura was so heavy that he felt like a submarine at the bottom of the ocean, threatening to be crushed to bits. He couldn’t see, he couldn’t hear, he couldn’t feel a thing. All he knew was that he was being enveloped by a crushing air of…


And then she walked past him, and was gone.

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