The Everyday Occurrences of a Stranded God

Semi-Finalist in the University of New Orleans Publishing Laboratory!

Donnelius Conqaide is powerful. With strength so wildly overwhelming he is near invincible, he can virtually be considered a god. But all that changes after a single fantastical mishap, which sends him spiraling through space-time to the strange, unfamiliar world of Earth.

Suddenly, in a world where magic is so feeble it exists only in fairytales, Conqaide struggles merely to survive to the next day. In a world of lawsuits, authority, and advanced technology, Conqaide is bluntly brought to the realization that his brute-force tactics will not work here. As fate would have it, his savior does arrive: in the form of an unassuming young woman by the name of Martha. And, of course, he must also fend off the ruthless bounty hunters that have crossed over to Earth for his head.

Stuck between impatient feelings of wanting to return to his home planet and the surprising comfort that comes with living a mundane human life, Conqaide is forced to strike a balance between his prior godlike persona and the normal restaurant waiter now known only as ‘Don’. And as Conqaide protects his prosaic new life from assault, while slowly learning more about the bespectacled Martha and the bizarre world they share, a growing doubt begins to gnaw at his chest: What does being a ‘god’ really mean?

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